Sunday, August 30, 2009

Repurposed Furniture

Recently, I have been looking for some kind of cabinet to hold all of my home theater gear. I have a plasma TV, a stereo receiver, a CD player, a multi-format compact disc/DVD player, a Computer, and a cable box I need to store in an uncluttered, artful way.

I found myself browsing a used furniture store in Raleigh and there I realized that all used media cabinets on the used furniture market were designed for bulky CRT televisions. I needed something that can accommodate a large rectangular monitor and several electronic components, and keep the wiring organized.

I thought about modifying some existing furniture, but I was focusing on buffets and sideboards, until I saw an old trestle table that looked like I could retro-fit with a cabinet.

I bought the trestle table shown below (after correcting the color with some mahogany stain and slicking on some thinned polyurethane) and added a custom cabinet with matching stain and shelving for all of the components.


Bess said...

your phone sux, but I like your blog

Anonymous said...

Rockin' the trestle!